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Village Rashi Kolhi

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In the village Rashi Kolhi situated in UC Saeed Mato, district Tando Muhammad Khan, Nano Ram has been among the many people who despite his physical disability is helping his community recover from the Pakistan floods, 2011. Nano Ram has been a polio patient since the age of seven but has never let his disability become an obstacle in his efforts to pursue his goals.

Nano Ram believes that education is the principle foundation for any community. With the construction of a school set up by a local NGO, Nano Ram is teaching the village children. He believes that providing education to children, especially female children, can be beneficial for the community as a whole. It can better prepare them for the future ahead of them.

Nano Ram has been helping with the UN-HABITAT flood interventions and is viewed as one of the most active members of the community despite his difficulties.

The 30 year old was one of the key personnel during the rapid assessment phase and helped the UN-HABITAT staff with identifying the affected households, vulnerable and the most vulnerable beneficiaries.

He has also been involved with the social teams and is encouraging his fellow community members on following the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) techniques in their construction such as raised plinth levels and proper foundations.

Under the CERF project for the 2011 floods, UN-HABITAT has successfully completed 51 shelters, 12 latrines and three hand pumps in village Rashi Kohli.